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Saturday, 16 February 2019

The new generation deserves free education to save the planet


Given all the problems facing the environment and society in general, he or she knows that competent and educated individuals will find effective solutions. It is unlikely that Baby Boomer Generation or Generation X has solved climate change, economic and international relations issues within the next 20 years. Humanity may take many generations to repair damages caused by the greediness of some large companies and the production of non-eco-friendly products. In addition, prevention will be necessary to ensure that disasters do not occur and that larger countries get along. For all these reasons, young people deserve to receive high quality education free of charge to satisfy both their own needs and social needs. Their education not only fulfills the needs of the business but may also satisfy the greater needs to save the planet. Without quality education at such high-quality schools (both online and real store schools) future generations are inadvertent but not intentional, but suffer due to their ancestral mistakes It will be.

Education is necessary to ensure that the youth 's infrastructure is in excellent condition. Without it, they would not be ready to maintain bridges, expressways, and public property. For example, on August 14, 2018, the Morandi Bridge suddenly collapsed in Genoa, Italy. This is just one day before the "Ferragost" in Italy's summer vacation. If there are knowledgeable experts to manage the quality of the bridge, there is no choice but to doubt that such a disaster could have been prevented. Therefore, it is necessary for fully educated individuals to pick up the pieces of the bridge and make future buildings safe and reliable.
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Secondly, many world citizens have forgotten that people died of infectious diseases several generations ago. Examining the family tree, it is only to discover that it is common to lose parents, children, and families to diseases such as the Spain cold in 1918, Smallpox eradicated by 1980. People do not study history history Immunization We need to train educated scientists to investigate the effectiveness of various vaccines while developing excellent treatment which can be used in the future . More importantly, young experts will be armed to fight any diseases that may emerge in the future.

In the meantime, most people have given some thought about global warming. People who believe in their existence fear the future of their children and grandchildren. Without satisfying scientific education, people of all ages feel like their hands are tied up. Many people do not know what changes can improve the climate. In addition, they want to persuade people in a strong position to change production technology to protect the earth. In the case of no change, young people want to raise their communication skills to bring about fundamental change. Unfortunately, many potential defenders of nature can not afford to pay for university degrees that they would allow to argue for convincing case in court.

In particular, many occupations disappeared as they were taken over by robots, artificial intelligence, and other digital tools. In other words, a big heart seeks to determine how the future economy will be organized to provide food, housing and comfort for those with short working hours and those who can not find the position It is done. Experts will be needed to help organize the schedule of involving individuals not only for artists and leisure activities but also for fun, humanitarian causes. Perhaps lifelong learning becomes more important, people will become more altruistic.

I forgot to mention important things, but there are a lot of things to do in the universe and the ocean. Naturally, young people need opportunities to study fields such as oceanography, astronomy, biology, etc. without being bothered by debt. Marine life is saved and protected from water pollution while it is necessary to carefully monitor the space garbage. Natural resources need to be protected, but even if they are reintroduced into the environment, various kinds of animals have to be taken care of.

Many people insist that students will not appreciate education if they do not need to pay a lot of money for it. Such individuals insist that students waste precious resources. Fortunately, even in some universities and countries like Germany, free education or very cheap education can demonstrate and produce effective results. Germany (2018) proposes to educate people entering university, but if there are many needs and you want to keep working in your home country while studying, not all people need to move to Germany there is no. Nevertheless, people tend to earn much less money than today, when they took into consideration inflation, they returned in the 1960s. Therefore, even if they want to do so, families with two working parents usually can not afford to pay the child's college degree.

The unexplored unread future is a mystery to be revealed. Therefore, diligent young people with sufficient quality education can become future problem solvers and geniuses. There is no need to waste such a great heart when we sincerely hope that young adults will contribute to greater good. Regardless of their religion, social standing, beliefs, colors, gender, or nationality, they will provide the education they deserve and they will turn the keys to a less distant future. Students can communicate internationally in English if they acquire the necessary tools and abilities to convey their thoughts. In addition, students gain the understanding that global compassion defeats the war, and gain new academic insight, can strengthen the universe by creating environmentally friendly sophisticated electric cars. Many things have yet to be discovered by a well-educated youth society that freely and openly communicates, hoping to learn optimistically. Since it creates a new solution to the problem that was not solved in the past, it is irrelevant for anyone to learn for free for any benefit no matter how young or old.

Laura Gail Sweeney is an English teacher and an English coach who communicates with people around the world using Skype and other similar platforms. She has a wide variety of interests, one of which is Hollywood English.

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